About Us

SecuriTech Software is the market leader in Realtime Compliance Automation software, with a range of solutions developed for the security industry by industry professionals.

We combine industry expertise with innovative technology. SecuriTech Software was formed as a result of changing times and the emergence of a more technology driven security industry. As margins are squeezed and regulation increases it is vital that processes are streamlined and automated to maximise efficiency and enforce best practice. This is our vision – enabling our clients to work smarter.


Our products enable Realtime Compliance Automation and include cloud hosted applications to faciltate workforce management automation, risk management, quality management and compliance.


Our clients include providers of security services and their customers across diverse industries and sectors including manufacturing, leisure, retail, corporate security, construction and licensed hospitality.


Our people bring a wealth of commercial experience with a deep knowledge of the security industry and sound understanding of the regulatory complexities facing the industry such as current SIA regulation, British Standards requirements and accreditation.


That industry knowledge and experience is reinforced by our depth of technology know how and creativity which is second to none. We have a proven track record leveraging next-generation information technology to develop simple yet elegant solutions to complex business problems.

Whether in-cloud or on premise, mobile or desktop, off the shelf or totally bespoke SecuriTech Software have the solutions to meet the challenges faced by your business.