Our solutions are designed to make business easier.  We provide you with the tools to simplify your compliance and accreditation activities and ultimately save you time and money.

Why automate business processes?

Improving business processes reduces costs, ensures reliable data, enables legislative compliance and therefore results in improved customer satisfaction. …simply documenting procedures and relying on manual process implementation doesn’t provide business managers with satisfactory control over their processes.

With multiple legislative requirements influencing the management of security companies, it is no longer about simply being competitive, but also compliant. In order to remain compliant, management must have control over how the companies’ processes are executed.

SecuriTech’s process management technologies link business systems with process logic, as opposed to user behaviour, by building business rules into the system. There is a definite beginning and end to each process, with each step in the process being executed according to the rules defined by the business. Information is pushed electronically to people while the predefined business processes pull them along.

This not only minimises the risk of user error, but also insulates users from unnecessary complexities. The entire process is transparent and fully auditable, holding each participant accountable for their contribution. This method ensures that executive policy and procedures are consistently adhered to, thereby achieving governance and ensuring quality outputs through consistent behaviour.

Organised Chaos – A Story

You are very busy, business is good and there is a steady flow of existing work and new opportunities arising every day. Your contract managers are flat out, driving all over and visiting potential clients, carrying out site surveys, meeting customers and staff for site visits and all the time filling out forms and making notes in their notebooks. These notes and forms are necessary, they enable you to manage your business, your client relationships and ensure you are compliant with SIA regulations and British Standards requirements.

Your next inspection is looming, just a month away and there is a mad dash on to make sure everything is where it should be. Is every set of assignment instructions for each contract in place, up to date and filed where it should be? Can you find details of all the site visits that have been carried out? A number of new contracts have recently gone live resulting in increased paperwork, what happens if the accounts department don’t get notified about a new customer?

Does this sound familiar to you? This is chaos. It might be organised chaos but chaos nonetheless and it’s fraught with risk. What if the assignment instructions haven’t been issued because a survey didn’t get written up? What if you have security officers with expired or worse revoked SIA badges? With the new Business Licencing regulations fast approaching managing these activities will only become more important and more critical to get right.

Managing these processes and forms and data the old way is time consuming and complex and is typically a combination of paper based standard forms that are hand written on, notes taken in a notebook or worse still scraps of paper that all require subsequent transcription on a computer and multiple spreadsheets to manage all the staff and client data. The possibility of copying errors, omissions or failure to update the necessary information all present an unacceptable level of potential risk to your business.

You have processes and procedures in place but how do you enforce them, how do you ensure consistency across your business?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and cost effective way to manage all of these processes and the data and information they generate? A tool that would streamline the compliance and risk management activities in your business and provide one touch management of forms and data.

Well now there is – SecuriSure Business Manager from SecuriTech Software brings all of this and more:

  • A fully automated process management solution
  • Manage the whole customer relationship and compliance life cycle from initial enquiry through
    • Quote and contract issue
    • Site surveys and Assignment Instructions
    • Keyholding, incident management and customer complaints
    • Staff and customer site visits
    • Reduce costs and save time
    • Increased efficiency drives better performance which directly impacts the bottom line
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